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Lucy McKie, CRE Financing with Sea 2 Sky, LLCLucy McKie

Lucy has over 34 years of experience in banking and commercial real estate finance.  In 2005 she founded Sea 2 Sky Capital with the goal of providing real estate investors a source for obtaining the best financing terms for their individual needs.  As a part of that goal, the entire process is managed from conception to loan payoff, allowing the investor to focus their time and resources on improving their portfolio, rather than the financing process. 

Lucy's years in mortgage banking include 20 years with US Bank, where she focused primarily on construction financing.  She then joined Home Street Capital where she opened and managed their Bellevue office. 

For the two years prior to founding Sea 2 Sky Capital she exclusively represented a long time client, a private nationwide real estate investment company, where she specialized in financing properties that were syndicated into a Tenant in Common (TIC) ownership structure.

For more information regarding Lucy's expertise read her resume.

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