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Short Sales

If you are looking for someone to go to concerning the short sale of your house contacting Sea 2 Sky Capital is the right company to call.  We have the resources and experience to assist you, whether you are a homeowner or a real estate agent. 

Losing your home to foreclosure due to the inability to keep up with your monthly mortgage payment isnít an easy experience to go through.  Of all the options, foreclosure is the worst and we recommend that you consider a short sale when foreclosure seems inevitable. 

If you are in the Military and must sell your home, be sure to check into the Homeowner's Assistance Program:

A Popular Option for Homeowners

A short sale is a popular option for homeowners who find they are facing financial problems.  At Sea 2 Sky our clientís success is achieved with the highest level of integrity, professionalism, dedication and good old fashioned hard work.

We combine these traits with sharp negotiating skills, the most current market knowledge, creative problem solving, and personalized buyer and seller strategies in order to help you achieve your goals. Our focus is on each of our clients and their individual needs. By listening carefully and working non-stop Sea 2 Sky Capital will exceed your expectation and our proven track record of negotiating will result in the best short sale terms available from your lender(s).

It is our job to work with all the parties involved in a short sale.  We work as a team with your selected listing agent, we negotiate terms with the selling agent, we work with the buyer's lender to make sure they have what they need for a timely closing, we review title to be sure all liens are handled, we work closely with escrow to be sure all closing costs are estimated up front so there are no surprises at closing, we will negotiate liens with utility companies and HOAs, and all lien holders and to get them all on the same page. We do all this ourselves; we do not outsource control of the process to a Third Party and we love facing and overcoming the obstacles in our way!

Ready to Get Started?

When you are ready to begin the short sale process please download this form to get started.  We highly recommend that you consult with your tax adviser or attorney.  We recommend Eva Gremmert for tax questions and Doug Lineberry for legal questions. 

We look forward to working with you.

Sea 2 Sky Capital, LLC
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"Thank you so much for your help in getting our home sold. I know there are a lot of hurdles that you must have jumped to make this happen. As we said our prayers last night we thanked Heavenly Father for his help and for helping us find you, and asked that he bless you all and your teams for all that you did. Thank you!"
K.I., Carnation, WA

"Lucy did a wonderful job handling our transaction and making sure everything was taken care of during a difficult and time consuming process.  She stepped in during the short sale process of our home and immediately things went more smoothly and the sale closed quickly.  I can't recommend her enough and hope she knows how much we appreciated her help."
P.R., Redmond, WA 

" I wish I could do more to thank you for all you did for me.  Without you we would have not made it through this.  You really went to work for us and, from what I understand, not much financial gain on your part.  A sincere thanks.  Enclosed is the check to help make up the difference that was removed from your pay to ensure the closing.  I wish you all the best and many more success stories in your work; let's just hope and pray that mine was the most difficult for our sake!"
R.S., Issaquah,WA

"I just wanted to say thank you for your help with my transaction.  I know that is was a ton of work and took longer than expected - I definately appreciate you sticking with it and making it happen no matter what."

P.H., Redmond, WA



You have been just amazing in this process. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for pulling this off. It has really taken a huge burden off of us with all that has been going on in our lives. You have worked so hard on it right up to the last minute. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

With warmest and sincerest thanks,


S & J M, Shoreline, WA



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