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Lucy Linn McKie has been a Mortgage Banker for more than 25 years, working with a variety of lenders ensuring loans comply with bank policy and meet the borrower’s needs. Her unique experience as a Real Estate Broker and a Mortgage Banker gives her the insight to convince lenders that a fast short sale approval, as presented, is in their best interest avoiding the expense of foreclosure for both the lender and the borrower.You can trust Sea 2 Sky Capital, LLC

Here is what you can expect from us:

• Compassionate and professional attention to the seller’s difficult situation. Sellers typically have many questions – we will answer all questions to help them understand the process.
• Strict confidentiality regarding all non-public personal information. We follow all privacy rules associated with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Act.
• Frequent updates on progress via email to the homeowner and all agents involved.
• Daily attention to the file. We don’t wait for the  lender to act.
• We ‘invest’ in each closing by purchasing any investigations, bids or appraisals deemed necessary to convince the lender to approve quickly as presented.
• The best approval available from the seller’s lienholders.

For more information or to start the process of working with Sea 2 Sky Capital, LLC click HERE to download the Short Sale documents for brokers.  Fax them to 425-974-7476 or email it to

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Good sources of information for the homeowner and their Real Estate Professional:
• The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) can direct you to free housing counseling agencies.  Never pay for this service!  HUD Website
• If you are wondering about the tax consequences of a short sale we recommend you contact:  HBG Tax 
• We purchase appraisals on all of our short sales from:  Appraisals Source NW.

"Combining over 25 years of in depth mortgage and lending work with a keen understanding of investments, Lucy has become one of the best short sale negotiators in the region. Lucy’s attention to dates and details coupled with her uncanny ability to speak to banks in their own language allows me to confidently recommend her services to anyone that owes more to their lender than their property is worth.”
Randy Eastwood, Broker/Owner Eastwood Real Estate & Investment LLC

"I was referred to Lucy by a realtor I respect very much. I called one day to ask how things were going with short sales. He shared that with the help of 3rd party negotiators he would take all the short sales he could get. Being "new" to short sales and having ZERO interest in negotiating them, couldn't be happier to find a highly recommended negotiator. I did not want to sit on the phone and deal with cranky bank personnel and wanted to free up my schedule, and most importantly, wanted to make sure the transaction would close. After being told about my friend's positive experience with Lucy and finding out that she has a 100% success rate with negotiations, I knew she was the negotiator for me. All I had to do was transfer over the file and she has taken care of EVERYTHING for me and my clients since and I get weekly updates. THANK YOU LUCY for making it a pleasure to do short sales."
Michelle Hamshaw, John L. Scott 

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