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Short Sale Team at Sea 2 Sky Capital

What to expect:
• Compassionate and professional attention to the seller’s difficult situation. Sellers typically have many questions – we will answer all questions to help them understand the process.
• Strict confidentiality regarding all non-public personal information. We follow all privacy rules associated with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Act.
• Frequent updates on progress via email to the homeowner and all agents involved.
• Daily attention to the file. We don’t wait for the lender to act.
• We ‘invest’ in each closing by purchasing any investigations, bids or appraisals deemed necessary to convince the lender to approve quickly as presented.
• The best approval available from the seller’s lienholders.

Lucy McKie, Sea 2 Sky Capital, LLC

Lucy McKie

Lucy Linn McKie has been a Mortgage Banker for more than 25 years, working with a variety of lenders ensuring loans comply with bank policy and meet the borrower’s needs. Her unique experience as a Real Estate Broker and a Mortgage Banker gives her the insight to convince lenders that a fast short sale approval, as presented, is in their best interest avoiding the expense of foreclosure for both the lender and the borrower. Lucy is the Designated Broker for Sea 2 Sky Capital and holds a Mortgage Loan Originator's License. 


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 Shelly McCombs


Shelly McCombs works as a Sales Representative in Pierce County for Sea 2 Sky -assisting other brokers to understand the process of using Sea 2 Sky for their Short Sale needs. She is also a licensed Real estate Broker -helping distressed home owners list their homes.  Prior to becoming a Broker, Shelly spent over 15 years in Sales and Marketing working in the resort and hotel industry as well as the retail industry.

Please contact Shelly if you have questions about the short sale process or would like to list your home.



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