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About Sea 2 Sky Capital, LLC

Sea 2 Sky Capital, LLC was founded by Lucy Linn McKie who has been originating commercial real estate loans in the Puget Sound Region since the mid-1980ís.  She is the designated Broker for Sea 2 Sky Capital, LLC.

Sea 2 Sky provides two services in the real estate industry:

Pre-Foreclosure / Short Sale Negotiation Services
Sea 2 Sky Capital provides compassionate and professional attention to the sellerís difficult situation assisting the Buyerís and Sellerís agents in obtaining the best terms available from the sellerís lienholders.  We know the process and get the job done, the sale closes, the sellers are relieved of the burden and the real estate agents get paid.  
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Commercial Real Estate Finance
Sea 2 Sky Capital is positioned to arrange loans on your commercial properties through many channels.  They have many key relationships with agency lenders, life companies, commercial banks and portfolio lenders and are confident that they can find you exactly the program you need to make your property work for you.

Sea 2 Sky Capital is experienced with lending for acquisition, construction, renovation, bridge, and refinancing of income property as well as condos.  When it comes to the often-intricate loan process, they are with you all the way.  They are your screen with the Lenders.  They know what Lenders want to see and will make certain that you and your project are presented in the most positive way possible.  If there is a negative, they will make certain that the lender sees the mitigant immediately, rather than allowing the loan request to stagnate, losing you time and money. 

The overall business approach at Sea 2 Sky Capital sets them apart.   Their objective is to be as a trusted partner by understanding your objectives while navigating you through the complex "seaĒ of selecting a lender, obtaining approval and getting the loan closed on time with the least amount of nitrogen bubbles in your blood stream.

Sea 2 Sky Capital, LLC
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